Affluence Connect provides a total Enterprise Middleware communication mechanism between applications deployed on environments and different platforms. Connect enables the seamless automation of the entire business process by facilitating messaging between all deployed and connected main and subsystems both internal and external.

It Enables the seamless integration to connect any Echo Systems Be Payment Channels or different computer systems which can be open, legacy or proprietary.

Written in 100% open source. Enables easy customization, Extensively Adaptable to integrate with existing APIs and protocols of already deployed solutions.

Successfully deployed to integrate with amongst others ISO based ATM switches, POS systems, Banking back ends and Mobile Payment Systems, Connect is a highly versatile middleware with a Message Store and Forward facility and Intelligent Message Routing Capability. Equipped with a Real Time Message monitoring tool this truly Enterprise Middle ware which can handle multiple connections to Different sources simultaneously , restricted only by the deployed hardware and network capabilities.

With JAVA open technology the solution is scalable and comes with a version of Central Switch for high end message routing, Where one deployment will handle and monitor multiple channels (ATM, OTC , MOBILE , WEB ) and connect and route to Multiple backend Hosts ( Core banking , Treasury , Central Payment Routers , Leasing systems etc. ) Deployed Ideally to integrate Hosts, Core banking and Switches with channels. You will find the middleware been a one integration point to the backend with many integrations to front ends without the requirement to endure efforts to integrate each time a new Channel is integrated to real time systems.

Has been successfully used by Commercial Banks, Non-Banking Financial Institutes, Central Payment Systems, Central Country Switches, Aggregators and Many more institutions.

Ideal for:

  • Single Point of Integration to All Channels
  • Connecting Legacy Systems to Modern Digital Channels
  • Connecting Hosts (Core banking Systems) to Third Party Software Applications
  • Opening up of ATM and POS system for Third party banks and Non-Banking Financial Institutes enabling Banks to generate revenue off unused or excess Capacity in ATM and POS systems
  • Having One View Collating many Back End Systems which data are not store in orderly manners
  • Acting as a Data Warehousing Tool
  • Enabling Easy Connectivity to government mandated Payment Systems and Central Switches